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I'm Shahram, I left my high flying job as a data scientist to be an entrepreneur in 2017. It's been tough, but the one thing that helped me keep going is a community of other entrepreneurs I can learn from.

If you want to learn the strategy that worked for these successful entrepreneurs, you're in the right place. I speak to tons of merchants from all kinds of backgrounds. Instead of just asking for tips, we dive into WHY they did what they did.

One of the topics I dive into a lot is Facebook ads as I believe it's an essential tool to every ecommerce store. With every interview, I try to understand how these entrepreneurs have successfully and profitably used Facebook Ads to grow their business so you can do the same.

This is a labour of love, everything on this website is free. Speaking to these entrepreneurs fires me up to do better with my own business. I hope you get the same fire listening.


Hear from the top minds in Ecommerce

Fran Dunaway
With a focus on fit, TomboyX underwear is made for everyone. In 2018, TomboyX was listed as #231 in Inc Magazine's fastest growing companies. Fran talks about how they have carved out a niche in the competitive fashion industry and built loyal followers.
Jonathan Propper
Dropps reinvented laundry with the invention of laundry detergent pods. The subscription plans are cost effective and convenient. Jonathan shares what it takes to build a successful eco-responsible business. They have recently raised $16M investment.
Anna Dee
Alien Outfitter is about accenting your individuality. Ana started her business on eBay, found some success and invested everything into building her own website from her garage. Today, this is a multi million dollar business with more than half a million followers.
Mark Cronin
A father-son business inspired by co-founder John Cronin, a young man with Down syndrome. John’s passion for fun socks and his love of making people smile are the key recipe of spreading happiness through socks. Mark talks about coming up with new products people love and building a sustainable ecommerce business.
Chase Fisher
Chase believes in the hustle, he built the brand using social media and his college network. As a passionate athlete (surfing, snowboarding), Chase developed sunglasses with scintillating style and adventurous spirit. Today, Blenders Eyewear is on track for a 7-figure business and recently got acquired.
Kevin Gould
Kombo Venture works with some of the top artists and digital influencers in the world. Kevin leverages social media influencers to grow ecommerce brands. He also directly manages 3 DTC brands with combined revenue of more than $10M.
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