TWE 17: Focus On Your Brand Voice and Other Social Media Tips for Ecommerce


In this episode of The Winning Ecommerce Experience Show, Julie Bee, founder of BeeSmart Social Media, joins us today to share her 15 years of experience in social media marketing to help you grow your Ecommerce business.

Julie Bee

What you'll learn

In this episode of The Winning  Ecommerce Experience Show, Julie Bee, founder of BeeSmart Social Media, talks to us about social media tips for  Ecommerce. Julie has great tips about which channels to focus on and why maintaining your brand voice is very important. Julie talks about the following topics in details. - What is your brand voice and why you should focus on it - How to adapt your social media strategy and social media spend - Why you should not invest in new social media channels during this time Julie Bee, founder of BeeSmart Social Media, a US-based social media agency focusing on helping small businesses promote their business through social channels. This show is brought to you by DataCue. Your winning  Ecommerce experience starts from your homepage. DataCue personalizes the banners, images and product recommendations for every visitor to improve conversion and build a brand that your customers love. It works on any Shopify website, no coding required. 

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